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Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Seo Strategy

A vital component of marketing success is making the most of your website. Certain techniques, correctly used, will increase your site traffic, rank your page higher on search engines, and help you gain more customers.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is that key component. Here are several search engine optimization techniques to help you achieve your marketing goals.


Keywords are the words people use when searching a specific topic. Create a list of common, related words to your topic and use them throughout your content to get more matches.

Unique Keywords

Using common and specific keywords are helpful, but it is also important to use variety. Find the keywords your higher-ranking competitors are using and change them to fit your target audience. This will help your content stand out and become a higher-ranked site when searched.

Search Phrases

Search engines scan your content looking for keywords and phrases that match with what the person types. Using simple and common search phrases in your content will make it easier for the search engine to suggest your page.

Search Engine Optimization

Page Titles

Similar to search phrases, keeping your page titles simple also makes it easier for search engines to sort through. Make sure to use keywords in the page titles, while keeping out filler words. Get your point across with the least amount of words.


Page content is not the only area that needs to be optimized. URLs also can be tailored to the page’s content. Use keywords and topics in the URL and keep out irrelevant information. Keep it short but descriptive.

Upgrade Old Posts

Applying these search engine optimization techniques to older posts can increase your traffic as well. Upgrade all your content to get the most out of it. Look at the use of keywords and search phrases in the title, body content, and URLs.

Content Length

Having longer content is better for SEO, but not always for the consumer. The majority of people skim content when they read. Keeping your content engaging is the key to keeping your consumers’ interest. Long content will increase keyword usage, but higher quality short content may be more attractive for your consumers to read.

Headings and Subtitles

Breaking up text with headings or subtitles is a great way to keep the skimmers on your site and include more keywords or phrases in your content. Remember to keep out filler words to fully optimize it for search engines.


Technology is advancing fast and so are search engines. Keep up-to-date on how search engines operate and use that to your benefit. Google’s RankBrain uses an algorithm to choose what pages appear on the first page of search results.

These search engine optimization techniques are a great way to start improving your content and driving traffic to your site. The key points to remember are to cater to your audience and to the search engine and to keep your titles and URLs simple yet descriptive.

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