We have been in the business of sharing beautiful ideas between our contributors and the rest of the world, which we see as our pool of readers. With as many contributors to cover the most coveted silos of knowledge so far known to mankind, we are a media force not to be ignored.

Through informative formatting and clear imaging of the stories we tell daily, the readers tethered to us through email updates are far and beyond their peers when it comes to knowing what is happening around them.

Tired of watching and not saying anything to the many changes that had been taking place around them, the creators of NT Photo Digital were pushed by the curiosity to learn as much as they can, using the latest technology at their disposal.

It is for that desire, that hundreds of writers who share the passion for everything that builds a sound understanding of the concepts that make us who we are as a human race today, wake up earlier than their readers to make available the best reads by the time the earliest among us sign in for work daily.

Curating the daily events that happen through them, the loyal contributors around the platform have made firm the name it was handed, NT Photo Digital. For the near perfect perspective that is given it’s users, of the information we hold ever so dearly, the ‘Photo Digital’ section of our name could as well sum the clarity and ease to understand nature of work invested into the platform.

Most of the shared work brought in by contributors from all walks of life is also relatable to, making ours a platform that even entrepreneurs can share their tough hurdles and leap through experiences shared by the community on their stories.

Going 100% digital was a move agreed on by the pioneering contributors as well as the curators of the content on the platform in its formative years, a decision that has seen us reach much further than the paper model we had been accustomed to in the past. Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, together with the one that requires the least amount of reading, yet spreading the biggest chunks of information, YouTube, have formed vehicles through which we continue to serve our readers the content they live by, and for our contributors, a way to let the trapped voices out.