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5 Ways to Kick Off Your Spring Cleaning in Alberta

Spring Cleaning

Spring has sprung in Alberta, and you may itch to spring clean. Here are 5 ways to the organization, declutter, and clean your home this spring.

1. Donate

Donate your gently used items to Goodwill Alberta. Donating benefits everyone involved. You get to declutter and rid your home of unused items collecting dust, and Albertans with disabilities get much-needed funding for crn training and employment. Others benefit who need your unused items, and the environment benefits by not adding more to the landfills.

You can drop off clothing, toys, strollers, furniture, shoes, accessories, small household appliances, and more at any Goodwill donation center.

2. Consignment

Another fun way to declutter is to resell or recycle items you no longer want or need by consignment. This option gives you a little extra money while offering your unwanted items to someone who could use them.

For example, your home is full of lovely antiques and has become way too crowded. It’s time to thin the herd. Take your least favorite antiques to a consignment shop for sale. Your leftovers become someone else’s treasured antiques.

3. Organize

After furniture drop off Edmonton and decluttering, organize everything that’s left. You can check out Pinterest for excellent organization ideas, or you could hire outside help. Outsourcing your organization project can transform your home into a relaxed, more functional space.

Start with the kids’ playroom. Look for ideas or hire an expert in interior design and organization who also understands child development. Your playroom can become a unique learning center that inspires the whole family.

4. Clean

Obviously, you must clean. Or you could hire a service to do the deep cleaning. Either way, tackle standard house cleaning with more deep cleaning projects like carpet/furniture steam cleaning, window washing, power washing the exterior of your home, and detailing your cars.

Spring is also an excellent time to get your outdoor spaces cleaned and set up. Don’t forget to wash down outdoor furniture and sweep off your deck or patio.

5. Trash

Try as you will reuse or recycle, you will have things to throw away. Broken, torn, or worn out items are just junk. You can set most of these out for your trash company to pick up. Or if you have bigger items to dispose of, consider hiring a handyman or a junk removal company.

You can also haul items to the dump yourself for a small fee. Let’s say you have an old washing machine that doesn’t work anymore. You can take it to the dump and pay by item weight. This gives you the opportunity to get rid of something large that no one else wants or can use without the expense of hiring a company.

Every single donation to a Goodwill non-profit edmonton thrift store, big or small, makes a difference. We have dozens of success stories about how your donations change lives. Your donations fund programs and services for Albertans with disabilities. Without you, thousands of people would not get the help they desperately need to live fulfilling lives.

Click here to find a non-profit thrift store or donation center near you.

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