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Is Pipe Bursting Sewer Replacement a Good Idea in Dayton?


Bursting Sewer ReplacementTrenchless sewage pipe replacement methods, such as pipe bursting, are illegal in some cities. This causes homeowners to question their safety. However, trenchless methods of replacing pipes are safer than trenching. They are less obtrusive as well. One way that pipe bursting is safer and less obtrusive is it doesn’t require a lot of digging or any street work. Pipe bursting sewer replacement is a good idea in Dayton for a multitude of reasons:

It’s Legal

First and foremost, it should be confirmed that the trenchless pipe bursting technique of replacing a sewer line is legal in Dayton. As long as you’re careful to hire a reputable plumbing company that is trained to use the pipe bursting method, you likely won’t have any problems.

Pipe Bursting is Cheaper

Replacing pipes with the pipe bursting method is cheaper than trenching because less digging is required. If your home has landscaping, a driveway, a garage, or the street in the way of pipe replacement, then trenching is very expensive and will ruin important areas of your property. Unless you’re prepared to put in extra money to fix your landscaping, trenching isn’t a method you should use.

Not as Aggressive as It Sounds

The term pipe bursting conjures up the image of pipes exploding underground, but that’s not how this method of sewer line replacement works. A high-tech digital inspection camera is used to pinpoint where the damage is in the existing pipe and analyze what caused the damage. After the analysis is complete, the workers run a new pipe through the old pipe and use hydraulic machinery to crush the old pipe. Nothing really explodes or bursts like in an action movie.

Very Little Digging is Needed

If you have a garden or nice landscaping, you don’t want a lot of digging going on to replace your sewer line, especially if the technicians need to disturb the garden in the process. Once workers have figured out what the problem is with the old pipe and where in the system it is via the digital inspection camera, all they need to do is set up the bursting head, the lines, and the winch. Your yard is safe from extensive digging.

Pipe Bursting is Faster than Trenching

Another reason pipe bursting is a good idea for replacing a sewer line is it’s faster than trenching. Inspecting the old pipe is quicker with pipe bursting because a high-end digital inspection camera is used to find the problem area without disrupting the landscape. The pipe bursting process can be complete within a day, whereas trenching can take several days to finish.

Sometimes Pipe Bursting Isn’t Possible

While pipe bursting has many advantages, sometimes the damage to the old pipes is so severe that technicians have no choice but to use trenching. This is not something you can determine on your own. You will need to have professionals inspect the old sewer line first to find out whether or not pipe bursting is possible for replacing it.

Pipe bursting sewer replacement is a good idea in Dayton because it’s legal and actually safer and quicker than trenching. It is especially attractive for those who have gardens or landscaping that they don’t want disrupted. Pipe bursting is a non-intrusive method of replacing sewer lines.

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