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Need an Electric Motor?

Electric Motor

Electric motors are used in a vast array of industries and have a wide variety of uses. From powering your washing machine to the machines needed in the manufacturing process of every industry, you use an electric motor in York. Transply has been an electric motor supplier since 1972.
What started out as one small office in Dillsburg, PA, Transply has grown to have eight locations, six of which are in Pennsylvania. What does that mean for you? It means that if you need to come onsite for any reason, we likely have a location that is conveniently located for you. You can also take advantage of our onsite services in a reasonable time frame.
We are now one of the leading privately-held electric motor suppliers. We have been a family-owned and operated business since its inception and we still are. Power transmission products are our business. For customers that have minority-owned business requirements, you have come to the right place. We meet the requirement for a minority business enterprise and our partnership with IBC, which meets the Hispanic and veteran-owned company requirements, allows you to be eligible for Minority Spend credit. But what about those electric motors?

AC Electric Motors
If you need an electric motor you have come to the right place. We sell a variety of AC motors from a wide variety of the most respected brands. When it comes to AC motors we are certain we can provide you with the motor that will suit your application. We supply both single-phase and three-phase motors.
Our one phase motor selection offers 1 HP to 5 HP motors and 7 ½ HP to 15 HP electric motor engines. Our one phase selection includes explosion-proof motors, wash-down motors, and motors designed for farming and agricultural use. You can choose from over 40 different manufacturers so you can probably get the brand of your choice.
Our fractional horsepower engines vary from 1/10 to 3/4 and 1/70 to 1/12 HP engines. We also offer a variety of frame sizes, enclosures, and styles to be certain we can accommodate your needs.
We are also a three-phase electric motor supplier. Our three-phase offerings range from 1 HP – 5 HP and go up to 200 HP and up motors. In addition, we have fractional HP three-phase engines from 1/12 to ¾ HP. Our three-phase electric motors also give you a wide variety of brands, size, frames, and enclosures.

DC Electric Motors
If you are in the market for a DC electric motor you are still in the right place. We have DC motors that are from 1/74 HP – 50 HP. We supply multiple frame styles and sizes. Our DC electric motor selection also includes a stainless steel motor for applications that require easy cleaning and a polished surface. We also have washdown motors and explosion-proof DC motors.
When you are looking for an electric motor supplier, please keep in mind our services as well. We are not limited to simply being a distributor. We provide warranty repair for major brands such as Balder, Leeson, and Marathon, and electric motor repair is our specialty. It is performed in our repair shop in Greencastle, PA. We will be happy to pick up the item needing repair and return it to you when the repairs are complete. We can also provide you with assistance at your site in selecting the motor you need. Please look to us as your electric motor supplier.

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