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Types of Motorcycle Accidents


Riding a motorcycle is fun but also very dangerous. Most people do not realize just how close they are to an accident until it’s too late. We took a look at the most common types of accidents from motorcycles that will likely cause personal injuries. Here they are:

Cars Turning Left Ahead of You

This is arguably one of the most common types of car accidents. Most drivers are so focused on avoiding accidents with other cars that they ignore the presence of smaller locomotives likeĀ Motorcycle and bicycles. Stay alert to avoid being hit even by hooting.

Entering a Roundabout or Corner Too Fast

It may not be too fast at times. But when you enter a corner faster than you can handle it you will likely topple over. You may need to slow down and use items on the road to gauge the speed of safely negotiating a corner to avoid this type of accident.

Being Hit from Behind

Cars often enter zebra crossing zones or other intersections without taking the needed precautions. To stay safe, either stop to the side of the road, between cars or ahead of a car that is already stationary. You’ll be safer this way.

Locking the Front Brake Too Fast

To avoid accidents on your motorcycle, you need to master the use of the front brake. Always know that it should rarely be used especially in emergency situations. Train yourself to use the rear brake intuitively when the need arises as you will be safer that way.

Slippery Roads

When the roads are slippery, your two wheels will have a harder task keeping you riding than the four wheels on other vehicles. Make sure you have tires that are not worn out and keep your riding smooth at all times.

Hitting an Uneven Spot

You enter a bend then find gravel or other items that make your front tire slip off under you then you go down. The best medicine is to enter a corner wide and slow then pick up the pace on your way out. This way, you can estimate the distance of the uneven spot to avoid it.

Cars Changing Lanes into the Rider

No matter how big a motorcycle may be, it easily fits into the blind spot of even the smallest cars. Thus, car switching lanes will easily knock you off the road without noticing. Stay out of the blind spot as much as possible.
Accidents in Riding Groups

When riding in a group, one of the riders may happen to stop or swerve suddenly to start a series of collisions in the group. To stay safe from this type of accident, have a riding formation that gives each rider an escape route in the case of an accident.

Door Opening Ahead of the Rider

The space between parked cars and active traffic is often called the death zone due to some specific reasons. When a door is opened into your face, you have few options the safest of which is braking as hard as you can.

Drunk Driving

This one causes the highest number of accidents on our roads be they from motorcycles or bigger vehicles. Any machine should not be operated when experiencing any lapse of attention no matter how skilled the operator is. Just stay away from alcohol, drugs or fatigue when riding for your own good.

These are the ten most common types of motorcycle accidents one is likely to run into. If it is the negligence of the other road users, a lawyer will see to it that you are compensated accordingly. However, practice safe riding at all times.

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