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Mobile Computer Workstations for Warehouses

Are you looking for a solution to further increase the efficiency of your warehouse? There is one extremely useful item which you might easily overlook – mobile laboratory carts and industrial workstations.

These carts provide all the functionality that is required to streamline and increase the efficiency of your internal processes.

Let’s have a look at how these workstations can be utilized in a warehouse environment.

Workstations Make the Best Use of Modern IT Technologies

IT solutions are now used extensively in the warehouse environment. They are invaluable for the tracking of inventory levels and movement, monitoring processing efficiencies and to control operations.

Mobile workstations can incorporate the right IT technology for your situation. They will ensure that you are making the most of your existing WMS (Warehouse Management System) or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, by optimizing productivity. Wireless technologies can also be used to their full advantage.

Battery powered mobile workstations are available which support computer functionality or laptop connectivity. These workstations can keep equipment running for around 8-12 hours at a time. You can also add barcode scanning and printing devices; work surfaces for packing, handling and order preparation; along with various applications necessary for processing.

Moving from Fixed Workstations to Mobile Workstations

Workers in a warehouse environment often have to continually move from a fixed workstation location to receiving or shelving areas to manage specific inventory, then back again. There are some tasks where a simple hand-held mobile device isn’t sufficient, and a full computer is required.

With a mobile workstation all the activities of receiving or picking, inventory control and label printing can be completed in place, saving time, reducing errors and dramatically increasing efficiency. When multiple mobile stations are used, the bottlenecks associated with fixed processing stations can be removed, and walking time greatly reduced.

Converting to mobile workstations can see a return on investment in a very short time. Reduced picking time and accuracy alone can result in a saving of overtime hours worked.

Ergonomic Solutions for Your Staff

In a warehouse situation, there is often a high degree of movement repetition, and in many cases, some degree of lifting is involved. A mobile cart is one way that you can ensure the safety and satisfaction of your workers, by providing an ergonomic and easy to use addition to the work environment.

A good mobile workstation will be adjustable so that the cart can be used efficiently by different people who work different shifts. Height adjustments and the ability to work either standing or sitting is important.

It does not matter what type of goods you handle in your warehouse; there will be mobile laboratory carts and industrial workstations available that will increase the efficiency of your operations.

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