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8 Things You Need to Know About Applying Fake Nails


No nail parlour appointment yet? No problem…We came up with this new idea of fake nails application. They are quick, easy to use, affordable and quality products. Do you know since fake nails’ invention in 1954 by Fred Slack, the market of these fake nails boomed. We have seen many names of these fake nails like press-on nails, acrylic nails and many more. Now we are diving into the information of things you need to know before and after applying the fake nails.

To give you the best tips and tricks for your application of Fake nails go without any hitch, we’ve adjusted a few tips about things you want to know before you get that nail glue.

Choose your Fake nails Size

Every finger Nail is not the same. Fortunately, many nail trim packs come with various size choices so you can get the most realistic look. If you’re an amateur with fake nails or press-on nails, pick a pack with lots of sizing choices until you come out as comfortable with a brand that has the best size for you. But if you bought the big sizes of them don’t worry file it up.

Choose the Best Fit

Don’t be so focused around length that you disregard the curve of it. Some fake nails are exceptionally straight while others have a curved design. Make sure to get a perfect fit for your nail bed for a better experience.

Make Sure to Prepare Your Nails Before It

    • Before Applying fake nails, it begins with your own nails, not the acrylic ones. These steps should be considered. Take off your old nail polish even if it is transparent. Old polish on your nails can make it harder for the fake nails to get stuck.
    • Soak your nails with warm water to discard all the salts and bacteria in your nails. Giving yourself a speedy nail trim preparation prior to applying fake nails will keep your nails sound and guarantee the fake nails stay on to the extent that this would be possible.
    • Utilize a nail trimmer or nail scissors to manage your nails so that they’re all even. Trim them short, yet not to the quick; you need somewhat of an edge to give the phony nails more to clutch.
    • Push back your fingernail skin with a blunt orange stick gently. While your nail beds are still delicate from the soak. This way you can ensure you’re sticking the fake nails to your nails, not your skin.
    • Buff your nails with a scrubber to make your finger nail bed a little rough to make this surface appropriate for glue to stick it with fake nails or Press on Nails.

Make Your Cuticles Ready for It

Cut your cuticles properly so that it don’t get stuck with fake nails or rip off with the glue. Make sure your cuticles dont have excess oil accumulated at the edges so that it creates problems in sticking of glue.

Apply the Glue for Fake Nails

You invested all that energy applying your Fake nails, so ensure you give them sufficient opportunity to set. Allowing your falsies to dry completely is similarly just important as allowing your nail polish to dry.

Maintain Them Afterwards

Even though you have applied them properly dont totally ignore them until its chance to take them off. Do a speedy check of them in your morning schedule to guarantee they’re all actually applied appropriately. Its far superior to having a nail fall off in your lunch or on the metro.

It Should Be Removed Properly

You shouldn’t begin to rip it off since that can harm your own Fingernails. Follow the directions which are written on the press-on nails package. Some propose soaking your nails in nail polish remover while others prescribe utilizing an item particularly intended to eliminate falsies.

Show Them Love and Tenderness

After removing fake nails make sure to handle them with care and don’t apply any other chemicals on your nails which make them brittle. Since they are Keratin protein to intake protein nutrient to make your nails healthy. 

press-on nails is a good alternative to nail polish as it doesn’t require any complicated preparation before applying it. Applying moisturizer and oil can nourish your skin and nails.

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