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What Is Leak Detection Service and When Do You Need It?

Leak Detection Service

What is Leak Detection?

Leak detection is the process to check whether or not there is a leak in a pipe line or any system that contains gas or liquid. In case a leak is detected, it can also be found out where exactly the leak has occurred.

What is Leak Detection Service?

Leak detection services are that which provide us with a well-equipped and professional method of detection of leaks using various technologies. Usually there are separate departments in a leak detecting service that locate and mend water leaks and that do the same for gas leaks. Their methods include hydrostatic testing, infrared, and laser technology to name a few.

Leak detection services along with leak detection also provide other services like emergency plumbing, mending blocked drains, gas fitting, and etcetera. One such service provider is located at Perth that provide with multiple services including solving sewer problems. With the idea of what a leak detection service exactly does, a question arises.


We should contact a leak detecting Service when we are in suspicion of any leak in the house. For the suspicion to arise we need to know the signs to look for.

It is known to all that Leaking pipes can be extremely frustrating and are enough to ruin one’s mood. Usually it gets difficult to find a leak all by ourselves and even if we are able to spot it, the harder task is to mend it on our own.

Types of leaks:

There can be two types of leaks; water leaks and gas leaks. A water leak is easier to find as it is mostly visible. It gets difficult when it is a gas leak. However even a water leak can get unnoticed. That is when the real problem arises. So, how to know if there is a leak or not?

  • Water leaks

Let’s start with pointing out the signs that helps detecting the presence of a water leak.

– Unexpectedly high water bills: a sudden increase in the water costs even without an increase in the usage might be because of a water leak. In that case firstly the meter is to be checked to make sure if it’s functioning properly. If yes then that confirms a water leak.

– The second sign is when you are not able to see any leak but can actually hear water leaking: When the faucets are off but you hear water running, then you probably have a leak. This can also happen when the water pressure is high or low. This is definitely going to cause a spike in the water bill as well.

– The temperature of the floor is unusual: no need to use a technology to determine the floors temperature. If there is any unusual change in the temperature, then it would be apparent. So, if you feel that the floor is warmer or cooler than it should be at any particular place then is informed that it might be because of a water leak.

– Smell or damp areas: another obvious sign for a water leak is a damp smell or a visible damp region in the house even in a dry climate.

If any of these signs is to be found, then you would like to primarily spot the exact location of the leak to mend it eventually. This is when you need the help of a pro. When it comes to mending leaks trying to fix it yourself is not a good option as it can make the situation worse in most cases. Consult a leak locator who uses a combination of electronic listening devices and non toxic tracer gas like carbon dioxide or helium in order to locate the leak.

  • Gas leaks

Now let’s address the problem of gas leaks and when to know that there is one at your place.

– Smell: The best and most apparent way to tell that is there is a gas leak or not is to identify the peculiar smell added to the gas used for cooking. The gas is naturally odorless but it is added with odor so as to use it as a sign in case of a gas leak which can be deadly.

– Dizziness or nausea: However, in case the gas is odorless, then there are no physical symptoms to tell if there is a leak or not. In case of some gases one may feel ill when in proximity to the gas leaking out.  If you are feeling dizzy or nauseous then a gas leak might be the reason. The best way to prevent any accident is to get of the house as soon as possible and call for any leak detection service and let the professionals deal with the problem.

No matter what form of leak there is, it is mostly always mendable.  Also, the cost of the service is also usually affordable. Most importantly, mending leaks can ensure safety in the long run as some gas leaks or water leaks can be the cause of life threatening accidents. So, it’s important to be aware and alert even for the tiniest leaks. Contact reliable plumbing professionals for leak detection.

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