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Three of the Top Marine Stereo Systems Available

Marine stereo systems


Marine stereo systems are a totally different ball game than your regular house or car stereo. When out on the water, sound systems work differently due to factors such as temperature, refraction on water and the inclemency of weather and water itself on the hardware.

Marine sound systems thus require special care, better and more lasting materials, and careful installation. In many cases, boat owners opt for custom stereo installation services, to update and install stereos with professional support.

To help you out in your choice, here’s a list of three marine stereo systems that top the charts in terms of quality and ruggedness.

1. JL Audio M-Series and MX-Series

JL Audio is one of the leading companies in the marine sound system market. This company focuses on protecting their equipment to keep up with the already mentioned extra demands of marine hardware.

Their M-Series speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers are perfect for those who are looking for a major redo of their sound experience on board. Featuring motor systems that overpower traditional systems, this series is best suited for those who want the best of the best.

The MX-Series features the same level of quality, focusing however on providing an easy upgrade from the run of the mill or old stereos that come installed. The MX-Series offer a challenge to most sound systems out there, at lower prices.

2. Kenwood Stereo Kits

With a marine stereo installation kit, you are looking for a custom package that can be easily deployed and will deliver on the price/quality front. Kenwood is a world-recognized player in the sound system market. Their offer of marine systems keeps true to their reputation.

Featuring full systems with speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers, and modules. Kenwood products are featured in many “best of” lists because of their affordability and durability.

Their products range from 400 watts to 1600 watts. This means that if you are looking for affordability, there is a wide range of sound quality to pick from, depending on your need and level of interest in the sound output of the system you choose.

Fusion Marine

3. Fusion Marine Black Box

A Fusion Marine Black Box is the answer for those with a lack of space. When custom installations or full stereo equipment are not an option, many opt for an all-in-one solution.

The black box features speakers, amplifiers, and sub-woofers in the same equipment, making it a space-efficient alternative. The compromise on sound quality is not as large as you may suspect, as Fusion is well-known for their sound quality and durability (many of their products come with lengthy warranties).

With wireless controls and features like Bluetooth and phone connectivity, there’s not much that can be demand from this nifty product.

Final note

Regardless of your needs, and whether you are a sound system nerd or not, these three companies offer sound quality at the right price. When it comes to marine systems, it is best not to risk anything, and rely on professional advice and installation whenever possible. Whatever of the sound system you choose, professional advice and installation can make a world of difference.

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