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Logo Designing, Online Portal or Professional Designer – Unfolding the Truth

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Logo, some say it’s your businesses visual identity. For others, it’s the face or even the soul of your business. Until and unless the burden of getting a logo designed for our own business falls upon, we rarely get into the whole art & science of Logo Designing. Now, if you have landed on this very written material, two things are for sure – First, you are in need of a logo & second, you are in dilemma whether to hire a designer or get one designed using the online supermarket.

Scenario A. Hiring a Professional

It’s true that hiring a designer or a designing agency is a safe option; these people are specialists in the field, hold degrees and have years of experience. On the cons side going for professional help ensures shedding substantial portion of the budget, back & forth revision sessions, and worrying about deadlines.

Things to keep in mind while getting a LOGO DESIGNED by a DESIGNER –

  1. Finding the perfect artist – Look upon the internet, check designers rating, clients, and reviews. You can also take help of friends or acquaintances who have recently got a logo designed.
  2. Thoroughly review the website – An agency’s website gives a pretty good idea about their work ethic and work quality. However, be cautious, everything that glitters is not gold. Remember to check sites authenticity, use Google for the task it has many helpful and free tools. Also, if possible, try cross-checking and taking feedbacks from the clients mentioned on their website.
  3. Meet in person – A face to face meeting is a must, important matters like must be discussed over the telephone. Remember to discuss issues like price, number of revisions they’ll entertain under the fixed price quote, and delivery.
  4. Explain what you have envisioned – Doesn’t matter whether you are a creative individual or not, we all have some basic idea about the elements we want in our logo. Give the designer references (if any), tell him what you have in your mind regarding the company’s logo. It’ll help them get a clear idea about the type of output you desire and will save time and resources.
  5. Discuss important Logo aspects – Talk about elements like whether or not you require band name and tag line in your logo. As at a later stage, it becomes difficult to incorporate elements in a well-framed logo design.
  6. Everything over email – Don’t commit the mistake of informing changes or matters related to money verbally. Always discuss these issues no matter how small they may be over email. It helps to maintain proper record of the entire procedure.

This sums up the dos and don’ts of hiring a logo designer. Moving forward, let us now discuss the scenario of self- designing your company’s logo with the help of online designated websites.

Logo Online

Scenario B. Designing a Logo Online

It’s a crazy world out there – every complex thing is getting simplified and that too by the pro members ruling the complex regime. Correlating this situation, best designers in the field have created amazing websites and are now offering services via user-friendly self-designing portals.  

Getting your logo designed through online portals is an easy and convenient option. Plus, you have the power in your hand and who better than an owner understands his business. On one hand, where online logo designing portals are comparatively cheaper and gives you full control over the design. Though, designing a logo online have some challenges –

–    First, you have to choose a reliable online designing portal. The internet is flooded with websites offering such services but you have to select the one that reliable, offers great designs, intuitive tools and has good credibility. For example, Canva a designing portal with layouts created by professional artists ensuring exclusivity of your logo.  

–    You got to take care of basic logo design rules, so that you end up creating a well-balanced logo.

We are sharing some points to keep in mind while designing a logo – A Beginners Guide Designing Logo Online

  1. 1.    Simplicity holds the key, don’t clutter your design keep it simple, it’ll make last longer in memory
  2.    Avoid what’s going in trend, as it’ll soon become out dated, try creating a logo that’s timeless. The trick is to keep looking at the finalized logo design for a week, see if it bores you, if yes you know it needs work
  3.    Avoid using too many colors, limit to maximum two shades. Same applies to font styles and always choose one that’s perfectly readable.
  4.    Your logo should be scalable, i.e., it should look equally good on a big billboard as on an online post.
  5.    Keep a note that your logo design looks good in black and white tone as in color.
  6.    Last and most important, always check your logo design does not replicate that of an existing brand. Do through research.

The Conclusion

Well, going to a designing agency is a safer option that comes enveloped with a cost. On the other hand, online design sites are convenient and a cheaper option. The condition being you recognize and land upon a professionally managed one. For start-ups and ones struggling with the budget, giving a short to design a self-logo is a good option.

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