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Hawkeye Pocket Knives: Advantages and Disadvantages

Hawkeye Pocket Knives

The range of Hawkeye pocket knives have a few distinct features each, and several common ones. Great, affordable knives, the Hawkeye range are smaller and lightweight, with either clips or lanyards, providing a variety of ways to carry them.

Features of the Hawkeye Pocket Knife

The blade is small, between 2 and 4 inches, and the handle can be short, as well, averaging at 3 inches long. The Frost Whitetail is semi-serrated, stainless steel, and has drilled holes in the handle to improve grip. The Dakota and Western Star have stainless steel blades with smooth edges and a spear tip shape.

The Western Star and Dakota have clips to keep the knife snugly in your pocket, in a higher, easy to reach carry. The Frost Whitetail has a lanyard hole for those who prefer to wear it around their neck for convenient access.
Both the Dakota and Western Star Hawkeyes have an assisted open with a thumb stud. One, the Frost Whitetail, features the iconic thumb hole and manual open.


This knife is affordable, making it the perfect everyday carry for those rough and dirty situations. If you lose it in a muddy pit somewhere, you don’t have to worry. The reasonable price means you can replace it with the same great knife without breaking the bank. You can choose the kind of blade you need, so you’re prepared for whatever life throws your way.
The spear tip is one of the most useful for those who are active outdoorsmen, such as hunters, fishers, and campers. The ideal shape for a tactical survival knife, a spear tip has a sharp point, with enough strength behind it for most jobs.
The semi-serrated blade on the Frost Whitetail is capable of handling tough materials like rope and paracord and will stay sharp long after the straight edge has dulled.


Their very affordability means that they’ve been made with only medium grade materials, so they’re not as durable as a more expensive brand. This shouldn’t be a problem as long as you never put it to a task the knife wasn’t designed for, however.
The semi-serration can be difficult to sharpen, and often require the extra expense of a professional sharpener or specialized sharpening tools. A semi-serrated blade also reduces the amount of cutting edge for each type of edge.

It’s important to know what tasks you’ll be needing your knife to do before you shop, or to have a very good idea. This way you’re not bogged down by wading through reams of specifications. Rather, you’re fully prepared and ready to look at any Hawkeye pocket knives for sale. Whether you’re a hunter, angler, camper, or you want to look cool opening a letter, there’s a Hawkeye knife for you.

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