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Common Types of Pallet Racks

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Pallet racking is almost ubiquitous in the warehouse and storage industry. Standardizing storage sizes using pallets means that many storage and transportation methods can be broadly applied to different types of goods. Selecting the right steel racks for warehouse use, to store pallets of specific or varying weights, carrying goods of different kinds, is an important task.

This list touches on some of the most common types of pallet racks and how they might be suited to different scenarios. For specific information, you should always consult with your storage hardware supplier, who can help tailor a storage solution to your needs.

Selective Pallet Racking

This may be seen in many cases as “standard” racking. It offers none of the advantages or specialist features of other types of racking. Due to the standard form of racking, it can make warehouse operations more straightforward for a non-computerized approach to operational management.

Additionally, since it allows for more aisle space, it might be suitable for operations which have a large amount of forklift and pallet truck traffic. Other racking systems can also cater to high-turnover operations, but in some cases, selective pallet racking is an inexpensive and simple option, when storage density isn’t a significant requirement.

Mobile Pallet Racking

When looking for high-density steel racks for warehouse for sale online, one common option that presents itself is mobile pallet racking. This system places racks on mobile rollers, which move along tracks in the ground. The advantage of this is that it requires only the equivalent of a single aisle of space for access, as the racks move to reveal any items required.

Flow Pallet Racking

This intelligent system uses gravity or mechanical rollers to move pallets through densely-packed racks. Although items in the middle are inaccessible, pallets always move directly to the end of channels toward unloading bays. It is particularly useful for operations that desire to apply first-in-first-out methods, as it saves redundant accessible storage positions, increasing storage density.

Cantilever Pallet Racking

Although primarily used for long and irregularly-shaped products, cantilever racking may also be suitable for pallets. It offers excellent advantages to visibility and accessibility by using only a single vertical spine of support on one side. This may help during stock checking, and it can also aid in storing pallets more closely together, unfettered by supporting columns at the front, helping to improve density.

Pushback Pallet Racking

This is a system of first-in/last-out storage, which may be useful in some operations. It involves using deep storage channels and pushing pallets further back, against the force of gravity which is constantly driving pallets to the accessible bays in racks. This can improve storage density but may cause operational difficulties with non-computerized management, resulting in the need for excessive forklift operations.

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