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7 Best Practices for Auto Insurance Forms Design Template

Do you need to design an auto insurance forms template? Not sure where to start? Here are a few helpful best practices you can use when designing your web form.

1. Keep Things Simple

Getting a new car insurance quote can be stressful –as is filing a claim after an accident. It’s often hard for customers to navigate a complex, detailed auto insurance forms template, so do your best to keep things simple and make your form intuitive andeasy to navigate.

2. Use A Clean, Bright Design (With Mobile Support)

A good UI (User Interaction) design is absolutely essential for converting new customers, and ensuring that they use your insurance services. You want to minimize user “friction” –everything should be cleanly designed, intuitive, and easy to understand throughout the entire process. In addition, mobile support helps expand the reach of your services, and increase customer satisfaction.

3. Make Sure To Send Confirmations On Form Completion

This is critical for every auto insurance forms template. You don’t want your customer to simply sit there after form submission, and wonder if their form was processed or sent properly. Make sure a confirmation shows on the screen when the form is submitted, and send an email confirmation, in addition.

4. Save Any Entered Text

This is especially important for long, complicated forms. Save any entered text that has not been submitted, and customers will be able to come back to a form and fill it out without restarting it entirely.

5. Prevent Form Resubmission

Form resubmission can duplicate data and cause a number of other issues. Make sure you take steps to avoid it –by asking users not to use the “back” button on their browser, or refresh the page, or using a code-based solution to prevent forms from being submitted twice.

6. Use A Single-Column Design

A single-column design is simple and intuitive. Just scroll down, and keep filling out the next set of forms. This helps convert new customers, and enhances the user experience for returning customers.

7. Provide A Customer Service Or Help Number

It’s a good idea to provide a contact or customer service number, especially on insurance claim forms and other such auto insurance forms templates. This ensures that your customers can get help if they are confused or are having technical difficulties.

Use These 7 Tips To Design Better Auto Insurance Form Templates

Auto insurance is a highly-competitive field, so you need every advantage you can get to keep your company ahead of the pack, gain more customers, and keep your existing customers satisfied. And with these 7 simple auto insurance forms template design tips, you can do just that. So take another look now, and think about how you can use these tips on your website, and bring in more customers
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