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32 Clever Lead Generation Ideas for Your Next Marketing Campaign in Generation Services

Lead Generation

As an entrepreneur, you understand the importance of constant flow of leads since it is necessary to keep your business afloat. So, if you’re planning to set up your new business strategy or struggling hard to sustain old one in the UK, you should Immediately look for lead generation companies UK that are expert in using modern and clever lead generation methods for your business.

Lead generation for marketing campaign is not an easy task and when you do not update your old methods, it becomes more difficult to generate quality leads. If you’re facing the same issue, don’t worry.
Today, we’re going to disclose 32 proven clever lead generation ideas that will energize your lead generation efforts.

32 Great Lead Generation Ideas

1. Create Product Videos – According to a study, people learn more from visual content than written. So why not use this method for your business promotion? Create a good quality of explainer video of your product and share it on different platforms. Make sure videos are not too long or complex. One good video alone can engage customers to your brand and inspire them to buy your product.

2. Don’t Mention the word ‘Spam’ – According to a test conducted by Michael Aagard, when we show phrase“100% privacy – we will never spam you!” on a sign up form, it reduces conversion. As it is believed that the word “spam” creates doubt in the user’s mind.

3 Call to Action Button Placement – The right placement of call to action buttons are very important in lead generation. Keep experimenting with their placements and track their results. Ultimately you will have a right idea about where to place them.

4 Give fewer choices – It is seen that more choices lead to more confusion. When we have fewer choices, we immediately buy things. So apply the same method on your customers and generate more leads.

5 Make Posts Downloadable in Exchange for an Email – If your website has some excellent posts that has attracted lots of visitors, add an option to download them in a PDF format in return for an e-mail address. It is the best idea to earn email subscribers to your website.

6 ‘About’ page Optimization – ‘About Us’ page is important to any business. Make sure it is perfectly optimized with all the right keywords and call-to-action buttons. Additionally, it should clearly define your services.

7 Create Blog- Blogging is an important tool to bring organic traffic towards your website. Still, lots of businesses do not put enough emphasis on it. Blogging every single day can double your organic traffic.

8. Create Evergreen content- Feed your blog with evergreen, informative and helpful in-depth posts on a regular basis. Such posts take enough time and effort to be created, but in long run, these can be helpful in driving traffic to your website.

9 Identify Leads on Twitter- Never ignore your Twitter followers as you can turn them into customer any time. Many lead generation companies UK, use Followerwonk tool to analyze the growth of their twitter account.

10 Promotion of Tweets – Your tweets can get you relevant customers. It is crucial to keep the tweets fun and valuable to your audience.

11 Write on LinkedIn – LinkedIn has a strong user base and has started a new publishing platform where you can create promotional content for your brand and expose it to millions of LinkedIn users.

12 Use Twitter Cards – Twitter gives you a new way to generate more leads to your brand, called ‘lead cards’. These are similar to the sign-up boxes that you might have seen on many blogs.

13 Answer questions on Quora – It is the most read Q/A site that can give a new boost to your brand. Just search for queries related to your service over Quora and use that thread to generate leads and attract customers by offering helpful and engaging answers.

14 Earn Lead through SlideShare traffic – Make PPT related to your brand that includes a link to your landing page and share it on Slideshare. It will surely get you some good leads.

15 Use Google Plus – Similar to LinkedIn groups, Google Plus groups bring people with similar interests together. So, earn lead from such groups. Google+ is widely used by many lead generation companies UK.

16. YouTube lead-gen – Make tutorial videos related to your brand and upload them on YouTube.

17. Guest Post – Write an engaging guest post and give it link of your landing page.

18. Facebook ads – Use Facebook ads program to drive traffic to your desired landing pages.

19. Speak at Event- Be brand ambassador of your product and speak about it at various physical events.

20. Give Free Services- Everyone loves a freebie. Give your users coupon or a discount code for a small free sample of your product.

21 Run a Contest- It is a proven idea to generate lead and many lead generation companies UK use it.

22. Remove 404 Pages- Never let you users go to a broken link on your website even if someone types wrong URL, make sure he is redirected to some useful page.

23. Make Mobile App- Today, everyone loves to surf internet using their smart phones. Therefore, it necessary to develop a user-friendly mobile app of your business to get maximum leads.

24. Use Drip- It is a popular tool used in email-marketing to generate leads from passive traffic.

25. AdWords- The amazing marketing program from Google allows you to generate leads by displaying ads to web users.

26. Online Publication- Feature your service in an online community publication.

27. The Quiz- Everyone loves to participate in interesting quizzes. Conduct a quiz online and ask users opt in to get their results via their email. Thus you can boost your email list.

28. Deals upon Deals- Deal sites like GroupOn can get you lots of new customers. To get repeat customers, offer extra discount.

29. Use Facebook Tab Opt-in Page- Turn your Facebook fans into customers using the new Facebook tab opt-in page service. It allows you to publish your website’s landing page as custom Facebook tab.

30. The Signature Link- Send marketing e-mails from your own e-mail account that should include a link to your website’s landing page in your signature.

31. Pop Ups- Pop-Ups are known to increase bounce rate. Make sure they’re not irritating your users.

32. Business Card – Give digital touch to your traditional method of marketing. Along with other information of your business, mention a relevant landing page on your business card so prospects know where to find you online.

Here are 32 lead generation ideas many top lead generation companies UK have been successfully implementing to generate hot leads for their clients.

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